Sunday, November 21, 2010

My View of the World has Changed

My Dad passed. Two weeks ago. It seems so surreal to type this. When he was born, the idea of an Internet where millions are computers are connected was science-fiction, and yet, I write of him here. I don't even recall my father getting the flu. He was always so healthy. Being a firefighter much of his life--he had no choice but to remain fit. I am trying to remain strong for my Mom, but I am depressed and grieve everyday.

He was well-known throughout the city. His friends told me he was a legend. But no none knew the 'legend' better than his own family. Though everyone tells me that time will ease the pain, I feel the pain is getting worse. I inherited my love of reading and my sense of self from him.

My view of the world is now skewed--I don't even see my students in the same way.

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