Sunday, January 24, 2010

I played the audiobook last week (in segments) and the students loved it. Roald Dahl (the author) is the narrator of his own book, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The students were practically spellbound. I am not sure why I hadn't thought of bringing audio CDs into the class before.

We are covering the parts of a story, so this was a different way to engage the students. It gives them a chance to hear modeled reading other than my own, and it gives my voice a rest.

We used the audiobook to discuss character, setting, plot, conflict, conflict resolution, and much more.


brspeer said...

Audio books are a wonderful way to refuel the student's excitement for reading! I have not read the book you suggested, but love Dahl. I am not sure what age level you teach, but I recently came across a wonderful resource for social studies/current event. Read about it on my blog: :) Happy Teaching!

writemind said...

I know...where I have been that I have just discovered audio books for my classroom?! My other fourth-grade team members don't use them, either. However, I did convince one of them to give them a try and she was pleasantly surprised by the students' responses.

I visited your blog and left a comment. I love your game!