Sunday, September 20, 2009

Really Enjoying My New Fourth-Grade Class

I am really enjoying my new fourth-grade class. I am always amazed at the dynamics of a new class. It never ceases to amaze me how different 20 little students can be. I feel stronger this year...I find that I am more organized and, of course, that helps with classroom instruction.

I saw my last year's standardized test scores for my class. Tears came to my eyes. Tears of joy! I couldn't believe it. They said we could not do it, and here I was looking at Proficient and Advanced scores for almost my entire class! YES! I am SO proud of them! I am still floating on Cloud Nine. This tells me, that for the most part, I am doing the right thing, in spite of the old textbooks.

I found a really nice fourth-grade class web site. The teacher who governs the site is Mrs. Renz. (I am so jealous of her classroom. If I had a classroom like that, I would feel as if I had died and went to Heaven.) On the website there are several Teacher Resources. Just click on the 'Just For Teachers' button at the top of the page.


brspeer said...

Awesome! I, too, was amazed at the reading scores of some of the students in my fall student teaching class (also fourth grade). It is such a wonderful feeling! Thanks for the website, always on the lookout for more resources!

writemind said...

Yes, it makes me feel that I can make a difference. This year I feel EMPOWERED!