Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Days Left for My Students

I have written a short, personal 'thank you' note to each parent fot their help and support during the school year, for there are two days left for my students and I to be together--well, actually, a day and a half, as on Tuesday, the school day ends at noon. I am still giving pre-classwork and homework--am I crazy? I intend to keep them occupied until the last minute of the last hour of the last day. One of my favorite last day activities is having my outgoing students write a letter to my incoming students. I also left some items for them to tear down off the wall--for they LOVE doing that! Many of my students will not read this summer, but here is a good fourth-grade summer reading list here.


brspeer said...

That is neat that there are summer reading lists on-line. Sometimes I forget that virtually everything can be found there. As for me, my whole top shelf of my newly bought bookshelf is filled with garage sale and library sale books kids books to read!

writemind said...

There are even free books online for children to read...books where you can 'turn the page'. I am not a big fan of reading books on the computer screen but it might be fine for students who live in rural areas and cannot get to a library.