Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Teacher Who is Not a Big Fan of Move-Up Day

Tomorrow, starting at 5:30 PM the lower school takes part in our annual Move-Up Day. In our school, the children do not go to their new teacher as some schools do; they just have a ceremony of sorts. Of course, as an educator, I am pleased that my students worked hard to be promoted to the fifth grade. However, I just can't get excited about move-up days. I am not a big fan of unnecessary ceremonies. When I went to school there were no 'move-up' days, consequently when I did graduate I felt a strong sense of accomplishment. It seems to me that when you have ceremonies like this, you devalue a real graduation event. That's just my thoughts...perhaps this year's ceremony will change my attitude towards them...but I doubt it.


brspeer said...

I agree, the satisfaction of being in the next grade should be good enough without a full blown ceremony. When it is done this way, 8th grade, and high school graduation are a much bigger deal, as they should be.

writemind said...

Some people tell me I am wrong to deny them this 'ceremony''s nice to have someone agreeing with me.