Sunday, June 07, 2009

If I Had the Funds to Start a School...

I did not realize that my teaching philosophy was grounded in social reconstructivism until I was in grad school. If I could, I would start a 'Green School'. Of course, the school would focus on basic academics, but I would hire the best 'green' engineers/teachers to educate students about sustaining a 'green' planet. I am so disheartened at the continued abuse of this planet. If it continues, we will need an army of people to fix the damage done over the last 50-100 years. I feel as if we are not doing enough to fix our mess...or we are doing it too slowly. After all, what is the point of putting so much effort into teaching students when it is very possible that the planet we live on will become unsuitable for human life? I was happy to find out that The New School offers an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. This summer I may take some free classes on 'green education' which I found at this link: at Suite 101.

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