Monday, May 25, 2009

Looking Towards Tomorrow

It's not the end of the year, yet I find myself reflecting on this past year with my fourth-graders. (I really wanted a sixth-grade class, but no openings were available in my school.) However, I enjoyed the challenges that fourth-grade gave me. As an educator, I have heard so much about the fourth-grade 'slump' and I tried to read as much about as I could from books full of educational theories.

Each year for different reasons, the fourth-grade team at our school loses 1-2 members; some staying only a few months. However, I was truly blessed to be working on such a great team with a good team leader. This year, the gender make-up in my class was 15 girls and 5 boys. Until this time, I was clueless about the dynamics of having so many girls in my classroom. So much drama! I have seen my 'future' class, (3B becomes 4B) and the class make-up is just the opposite; 15 boys and 5 girls! To be honest, after this year, I am looking forward to having a class with mostly boys! There are many things that I would like to do differently. I intend to 'hit the ground running' in September.


brspeer said...

I will be student teaching in a fourth grade classroom this fall. Do you have any advice for me as I begin my journey?

writemind said...

Wow...there is so much advice I could give you. But, each teacher, as you know, has their own journey. I will tell you however, to remain strong and seek out a mentor teacher. I have always wished I had one. However,over the years, I've learned to relax and laugh with the children...and it's okay if you make mistakes. MY biggest problem, was discipline. I have had children coming into my class with so many issues (no elctricity, no hot water, parents in jail)...and sometimes I had to deal with those issues first before I could start teaching. Good luck to you and contact me at anytime.