Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clean, Virtual World for Children

Poptropica is a clean, virtual world for children. Children can travel in this world and complete quests; to do so, they must don their 'thinking caps'. It's an advergaming site for Post Cereal. Click on the word 'Poptropica' in the first sentence and watch the video.


brspeer said...

From the video, it appears to be clean and fun, but is there any learning that takes place? You mentioned something about it being brain stimulating, and I guess I was unable to detect that from the video. My question, I guess, is how would this be used authentically in a classroom?

writemind said...

Thanks for your comment, but I would not use it in a classroom. I suggested it as an recreational use because some children, when at home, go to inappropriate sites. The site does require children to read, seek items, and solve problems.