Sunday, December 21, 2008

Technology and Literacy

As I began to read the Pennsylvania Literacy Framework, I became both agitated and excited. Agitated, because I feel that on so many levels, we, as teachers, are missing the mark and excited because it appears that the teaching of literacy is changing and technology appears to be driving much of that change. As a technology educator, I was a little surprised to see that the authors of the Framework agree with my premise that the 'new demands' of: information on the Internet, AudioBooks, and self-publishing were changing the face of literacy in the 21st century. Many times I feel very alone, with no support, so I also agree with the Framework that teamwork, coherence and continuity are keys to improving literacy in this tough, urban environment that I work in.

One must give students a purpose for reading. That purpose can be enhanced with technology--our tech-savvy students can read interactive books on line--books with animated illustrations and sounds. I know many students who can text but can't read well. I wish I had a bank of computers in my classroom that would allow me to tap into the 'magic' of the Internet to enhance the literacy of students.

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