Thursday, February 02, 2006

THE POST 9/11 CLASSROOM...continued

As I was searching the Internet for information, I was horrified to find this entry in full view for the entire world to see from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia website: “The personal appearance of the Arab is rather attractive. He is as a rule, undersized in stature, dark in complexion, especially in the South, with black hair, copious, and coarse; the eyes are dark and oval, the nose aquiline, and the features regular and well-formed. The ordinary life of the Arabs is simple and monotonous, usually out-of-doors and roving. They are usually peaceful, generous, hospitable, and chivalrous, but jealous and revengeful. In later times, however, they have greatly deteriorated” (Oussani, 2003). I read it twice to make sure that I was reading it correctly. This is an encyclopedia on the Internet that children may use to do research! The bias of this writer is apparent: monotonous, roving, jealous, and revengeful?! Even the writer’s physical description is inaccurate, for Arabs have several complexions and different types of physical features. Because the article had more than one copyright date, I was sure that I was reading an older version of the article. When I scrolled down to the bottom of the webpage and read ‘Updated 6 October 2005’, I was very disappointed. I intend to write to the website manager to ask if the misconceptions can be removed.

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